Wow church Family!!! when we began this separation in March none of us could have imagine it would last this long. here we are facing the closing holidays for the year, Thanksgiving and Christmas and conditions are worse now than they were in the beginning.i certainly pray all are well and enduring physically, mentally and spiritually. i want you to know the worship, fellowship and face to face communication has been greatly missed.

As our community continues enduring this pandemic, we hear of so many businesses unable to survive the strain. This has caused unemployment to escalate, households to struggle, schools to change their way of educating our youth, hunger and even homelessness to become a major concern as it was all unplanned and therefore, unprepared for. Initially, I was concerned and prayed this plight would not have a heavy devastation upon our church family and church. As we closed out our fiscal year last month, the evidence of continued support from members and friends have permitted us to carry on without the releasing of any staffing and the work of the ministry continued to be conducted.

We were excited in September to partner with another ministry in the area and sponsor our very first Community Food Distribution, supporting 125 families.This will return in the near future as items become available. i am grateful for all the volunteers to help to make that a success. Our Sunday school continues to be taught each Sunday via Conference call as well as our weekly Prayer hour. I am grateful to all who continue to lead those activities. Our Youth leaders continue to become creative at trying to keep our children engaged. None of these things would have been possible without the support of those dedicated souls. Our staff, officers and minsters continue processing the work, addressing the needs and just reaching out to our membership, especially our elderly. All in an effort to let you know you are not out of sight - out of mind, but are constantly being thought of.

As Thanksgiving and Christmas approaches, these events will most likely be celebrated unlike our normal traditions, but I want to remind you this is only temporary and in spite of the change we have a great amount to be thankful for. God's blessings have abounded in lieu of all that has transpired. Becasue of that we can look forward with optimism and look upward with gratitude.

Minister Trice and I continue to pray for the health, wealth and well-being of each of you and your family. We thank you for being a blessing in our lives and ask God's blessings upon your lives. You are being fondly remembered. May the riches of His Grace fill your days.

With Love and Care

Pastor R. W. Trice, Jr.


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