Greetings to you all. Here we are exactly one year later and still contending with our separation. None of us could have imagined this taking place in our culture and time with all of the scientific research and modern advances in our world, yet here we are. First Lady and I certainly pray all are well and enduring physically, mentally and spiritually. We want you to know the worship, fellowship and face to face conversations have been greatly missed. I guess you can say we just miss the family gatherings in our Father's house.

The good news is the vaccinations are now being distributed which gives us hope that our season of separation is soon to end. We received ours on March 6th. So now we question the time frame of getting back to normal. The answer in brief for all of us is that normal is not behind us, but ahead of us. We must face it that we will never return to the ways things use to be because our experiences have moved us forward. Therefore, we must look to our future with fresh eyes, utilizing the value of the things we have learned over this past year to aid us in ministering in the days ahead.

The use of Zoom gatherings, YouTube, Facebook broadcasting and free conference call dial in have allowed us to maintain a ministerial presence in a very difficult time, but also showed us a different manner of gathering when physical presence is limited. These methods are tools to be contunually used as we moved forward. i was skeptical of them at first, but learned ot adapt. We all must do so. They kept to a degree the education of our children, doctor visits and so many other vital interactions ongoing. Thank God! He always makes away.

It is my hope that you are registering to receive one of the vaccinations now available as your phase group opens. This step is another advancement towards our regathering but greater still our immunity. Continue to follow CDC guidelines for safety and know that the Lord has not brought us through all of this not to give us the victory. I want us all to be able to sing together "Victory is Mine." As God told Joshua, I also share with you, "Be strong and of good courage."

Minister Trice and I continue to pray for the health, wealth and well-being of each of you and your family. We thank you for being a blessing in our lives and ask God's blessings upon your lives. May the riches of His Grace fill your days.

With Love and Care

Pastor R. W. Trice, Jr.


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