Beloved Brothers and Sisters, Greetings.

Well, another year is about to be behind us as the final hours of 2021 are ticking away. As I pause to reflect upon the days spent, we have certainly had our days of disappointment, along with our days of joyful celebration. 

I think one of the things that has affected the most these past 22 months of the pandemic has been the absence of face to face connection with the body of Christ.

I have seen some of you at the few gatherings we've held, others via the electronic tool we call Zoom. As delightful as those moments were, it cannot compare t face to face. We all now have a new appreciation for the Hebrew writer's words in Heb.10:25, reminding us to "forsake not the assembling of ourselves together..."

It was disappointing to have established our reopening date on December 26th to only have to cancel it because of the continued threats of this virus and its variants. But I still have Hope. Hoping to see you soon. Hoping that all is well with you and your household. Hoping that you have received the authorized vaccination and booster to provide you the protection need to weather this season. Hoping that your faith is sustaining you in this season.

We have said we would look at reopning on the 2nd Sunday in January and even now that date is up in the air. But I want to encourage you to keep the faith. God is going to bring us through this. Even as we look back over the months, He has kept us, though a few were affected they have recovered or are recovering. that is a blessing.

I believe what is fueling my joy at this time is His hand of mercy and grace. We have said time and again with life's situation: if He brings us to it - He'll bring through it. Only trust and believe. So First Lady and I are believing we will see you soon. Unitl then, we pray for a blessed New Year for each of you. Continue to stay safe! Stay informed! and Stay Connected! Keep you ear to the wind for our possible reopening date.

Your support to our ministry has been greatly appreciated and we pray it will continue as it helps us to maintain and be ready for what the Lord requires of us to do. 

With Love and Care

Pastor R. W. Trice, Jr.



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