Greetings to you all.

In a couple of days we will be moving into June 2021, 15 months of pandemic separation. First Lady and I continue to pray all are well and enduring physically, mentally and spiritually.

As you are aware COVID restrictions are being lifted all over our region. Masks are no longer being required publicly as of Friday, May 28th. Vaccinations are continuing to be distributed, drawing us closer to that season of reassembling. I pray that you have taken the opportunity to receive your's. They still are our best defense against this brutual virus.

Now our attention is being directed to preparing the building, training staff and ministries in how we will conduct ourselves in our new normal. It is without question that some things will be changing in our reconvening. Still no date has been established when that will take place, but we are getting much closer (Praise God!). In the coming days, we will be monitoring the COVID rates after the removing of the required masks mandate. Your health and safety will always be our major concern. 

If you were a part of the re-entry committee, expect to be contacted in a couple of days about upcoming meetings. If you are a ministry leader begin strategizing on how you will address the new norm in meetings/gatherings and other activities for your ministry. Until a time in the future, social distancing will still be a practice to observe.

Those who have been in the area of the church recently may have noticed the apartment/condo complex across the street (Addison Row) will open in August 2021 providing new neighbors to our community. I have mentioned before we must prepare for their arrival, so our ministry activities are important as we seek to offer Christ and Christian fellowship to our neighbors. I will be hosting a leadership meeting in early June so we can begin the dialogue on making Abyssinia a great place to worship, witness and work for our Lord. This will include a continuous use of some of the social medias this pandemic has introduced us to such as Zoom, YouTube, Facebook and the free conference call dial in.

As the days of summer are upon us, please be safe and lets get geared up to rejoice in the God of our Salvation who has sustained us through this storm. For I feel confident in saying, the storm is passing over, hallelujah! Stay tuned for future updates.

Congratulations to our two high school graduates, Nicholas Sharp and Shania Thomas!

With Love and Care

Pastor R. W. Trice, Jr.



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