Beloved Brothers and Sisters, Greetings.

I feel like the Apostle Paul during the times he was writing letters to the churches, expressing his longing to see the saints. First Lady and I extend our warmest regards to each of you and pray you are doing well and yet holding on. Let me pass along a Praise Report, though COVID and now the Delta Variant has spread all around us, I am blessed to share that none on our church rolls have experienced the devastation that we have seen and read about for the past 17 months. A few may have contracted a mild case of the virus, but we've had no one to succumb to death because of it. And lets face it, this continues to be a very active and deadly virus. This lets me know you are exercising precautions.

Naturally, we are still having to go about our daily lives as best we can. Yet not without the recognition of the new season we are in. Grabbing masks, clorox wipes and hand sanitizer have become as routine as grabbing your keys to walk out the door. It is annoying I know, but still its necessary. However, like every storm that appears in the skies above our head this too will pass.

Many are inquiring when the church will reopen. I wish I could say: see you Sunday, but the climate continues to cause such a hazard to our health and welfare. As our children begin another school year, we hear of the rise in cases amongst those whose youthfulness was thought to be their immunity. Let us all pray for their safety and well-being along with a vaccine to additionally protect them. A  reopening, date has still not been determined. We've briefly talked about October and maybe even January 2022, although I know what can hasten that decision - 100% membership vaccination. Why 100%? Well, as Jesus taught His disciples, a little leaven can leaven the whole loaf ; only this leaven can be lethal. So please hang in there and be the church without walls. We don't want to be wreckless becasue we're anxious. I love you too much and I'm as protective of your life as if it were my own. 

Finally, brothers and sisters lets be vigilant and encourage everyone to get vaccinated, whether it be the first, second or booster shot. Let them know you care and don't want them to become a victim of this virus.  Continue to stay safe! Stay informed! and Stay Connected!

With Love and Care

Pastor R. W. Trice, Jr.



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