January's Daily Reading

Fri, Jan. 1 Jesus Overcomes Temptation Luke 4:1–13

Sat, Jan. 2 Jesus Driven out of Nazareth Luke 4:23–30

Sun, Jan. 3 Jesus’ Mandate for Ministry Luke 4:14–22a

Mon, Jan. 4 Called to Lead Israelites from Egypt Exodus 3:1–12

Tue, Jan. 5 Called to Save Israel from Midianites Judges 6:11–16

Wed, Jan. 6 Called and Cleansed for Ministry Isaiah 6:1–8

Thu, Jan. 7 Single Mindedness to Follow Jesus Luke 9:57–62

Fri, Jan. 8 Repentance, Goal of God’s Kindness Romans 2:1–11

Sat, Jan. 9 Jesus Calls Peter to Ministry John 21:15–19

Sun, Jan. 10 Don’t Be Afraid to Catch People Luke 5:1–11

Mon, Jan. 11 Peace and Healing Will Come Isaiah 57:14–21

Tue, Jan. 12 Healed by Christ’s Wounds 1 Peter 2:18–25

Wed, Jan. 13 Daughter Healed by Mother’s Faith Matthew 15:21–28

Thu, Jan. 14 Anoint Sick with Oil and Prayer James 5:13–16

Fri, Jan. 15 Woman Healed by Her Faith Mark 5:21–34

Sat, Jan. 16 The Sick Need a Physician Mark 2:13–17

Sun, Jan. 17 Jesus Heals and Forgives the Paralytic Mark 2:1–12

Mon, Jan. 18 Prayer for Peter in Prison Acts 12:5–11

Tue, Jan. 19 Pray for a Successful Ministry Romans 15:22–33

Wed, Jan. 20 Pray for Inner Strength and Power Ephesians 3:14–21

Thu, Jan. 21 Pray the Prayer of Our Lord Matthew 6:7–13

Fri, Jan. 22 Pray for Your Abusers Luke 6:22–33

Sat, Jan. 23 Pray to Avoid Trials Luke 22:39–46

Sun, Jan. 24 Jesus Prays for His Disciples John 17:14–24

Mon, Jan. 25 Jesus Supports Mary’s Choice Luke 10:38–42

Tue, Jan. 26 Jesus Responds to Sisters’ Call John 11:1–11

Wed, Jan. 27 Jesus Raises Lazarus; Mary Believes John 11:38–45

Thu, Jan. 28 Women Carry Resurrection Message Luke 24:5–10

Fri, Jan. 29 Jesus’ Final Words and Ascension Luke 24:44–53

Sat, Jan. 30 Simeon Sees Impact of Jesus’ Ministry Luke 2:28–35

Sun, Jan. 31 The Spirit Empowers Luke 2:36–38; Acts 2:16–21; 21:8–9

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