Children's Church
This ministry is held every 1st & 3rd Sunday during the 11 AM worship service. Providing children ages 2-7 yrs their own worship experience.
This ministry oversees all food functions and activities to include the monthly luncheon for Carroll Manor residents during the noonday prayer hour.
Deacon Ministry
This is a ministry of selected and ordained men who assist with the spiritual growth and operations of the church. They visit sick and shut-in, assist with communion, etc.
Deaconess Ministry
The Deaconess ministry provides spiritual counsel and guidance, assist candidates for baptism, communion as well as visit the sick and shut-in.
The Evangelistic ministry is engaged with sharing the Gospel outside of the church's walls. Purposing to lead non-converts to Christ and encourage converts in their daily walk.
The Greeters ministry is assigned to greet everyone attending the church with a loving, warm and generous spirit to enhance their worship experience at Abyssinia.
Health & Fitness
The Health and Fitness ministry organizes exercise programs and fitness seminars to aid each disciple in their physical maintenance of their bodies.
Jail & Prison
The Good News Jail and Prison ministry is comprised of disciples who have completed the PG County training program for ministering within the county jail. The scheduled ministry date is every Thursday from 9 - 1pm.
Liturgical Dance
The Angels of Praise Liturgical Dance team ministers through artful and reverent choreographed dance movements leading onlookers into a higher plane in spiritual worship. They dance every 4th Sunday. Rehearsal is held 2nd, 3rd & 4th Saturdays.
Media & Technology
The Media & Technology ministry is responsible for the recording of services, along with operation of audio/visual equipment and oversight of office computers.
Men's Fellowship
The Men's Fellowship is a ministry to help men grow holistically (mind, body, soul and spirit). The Fellowship meets every 2nd Saturday of each month at 10 am.
This ministry is a group of disciples who give of themselves to reach out and help others as well as teach them about Jesus Christ.
Music Ministry
This ministry provides sacred music for all church services and events. The ministry is comprised of the following musical aggregations:
  • Combined Choir - sings every 1st and 5th Sunday
  • Voices of Faith - sings every 2nd Sunday
  • Sons of Jacob - sings every 3rd Sunday
  • Youth Choir and the Abyssingers - sing every 4th Sunday
New Members
This ministry is responsible for the teaching all new disciple candidates for membership into the Abyssinia body of believers. Holding class each Sunday at 9:30 am except the 5th Sunday.
The N-Touch ministry provides telephonic contact to all new disciples welcoming them again to Abyssinia. They also make contact to disciples who have been absent from the fellowship as well as keep the Sr. Pastor informed of hospitalization, etc.
Nurses' Unit
Provides direct aid to Sr. Pastor and the congregation. This is a limited medical unit and requires CPR certification to join.
Shepherd's Care
The Shepherd's Care ministry is responsible for taking care of the First Family. Attending to the needs of the Sr. Pastor as he carries out his duties.
Suddenly Single
This is a new ministry that is for individuals who have experienced the unexpected lost of a spouse. This ministry seeks to nurture and provide a fellowship to aid in this life adjustment.
Sunday School
The Sunday School is an important part of the Christian Education arm of the church. Offering classes for all age groups each Sunday morning at 9:30 am.
The Transportation ministry is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Church's vehicles. They provide transport to and from church events for those needing transportation through the church office.
This is an elected group of individuals responsible for the church's stewardship and it's maintenance and operations. They are the legal signature body for the church.
The Ushers ministry is responsible for seating worshippers and maintaining order and minimizing disturbances during each service. They direct the flow and movement of worshippers.
The Women's ministry provides nurturing and spiritual growth opportunities for women and young girls through class trainings and fellowship.
The Youth ministry is for young folk ages 8 - 17. Providing biblical training along with social and educational skills to help them grow into young adults.
Young Adult
The Young Adult ministry is open to individuals 18-35. This ministry provides a variety of biblical learning and outreach opportunities that are relevant to young adults today.