Greetings Abyssinia Family:
We were blessed last week with the opportunity to worship together in spite of the ongoing pandemic that our world is facing. This week is entirely different as we are under more stricter guidelines of an even smaller number allowed to assemble. Therefore, we will not be so privileged to gather at Abyssinia for worship until the restrictions have been lifted, yet we can still stay connected with each other spiritually.
This Sunday (March 22nd) begins our 21 Day Prayer Devotional. If you did not receive a copy you can access the Devotional here on the website. Apart from the daily focus in the devotional, we have been given an additional cause to pray. There are so many lives already impacted by COVID-19 with job uncertainty and safety concerns, health challenges, loss of a loved one, fear and even the mental anguish of having our mobility restricted. Every life is being adversely affected, however, we know this is temporary. Therefore, we are encouraged knowing God is in control and cares greatly about each one of us. We need only keep our faith and trust in Him.
While our gathering may be temporarily suspended, our worship need not be. I will be presenting a short message each Sunday morning using one of the social media outlets (Facebook Live, YouTube or possibly here on our website). Once the set up is completed we will instruct you which venue to tune in. Please take the time to spread the word, then tune in and stay connected. We will keep our website as current as possible so that all can stay informed.
We further ask that you be good stewards and continue to financially support the work of the church by submitting your tithes and offerings via this website. On the home page clik on the Donate Now on the right side. The methods of giving available are thru PayPal, Debit or Credit Card or you can simply mail them directly to the church. Be sure to indicate the direction of your gift. We can and will endure this unprecedented time if we pull together though we are physically separated.
I close with the spoken words of Laban to Moses in Genesis 31:49 - "May the Lord keep watch between you and me when we are away from each other." Until then, follow the CDC guidelines and local goverment restrictions. Stay safe and lets stay connected.  Miss you!
Keep the faith! Hoping to see you soon!
Pastor Trice