Dr. Robert W. Trice, Jr. a native of Albany, New York serves as the Senior Pastor of the Abyssinia Baptist Church. He is currently in his 10th year of shepherding that flock of believers and proud of the accomplishments that Pastor and People have been able to do for the cause of the Kingdom. Prior to coming to Abyssinia, he served 16 years as the Pastor of the Wingfield Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Va.

Dr. Trice is passionate about teaching and preaching, believing that education is essential for growth, empowerment and maturity. He is often sought to conduct Church Trustee training seminars. His passion for teaching has led him to serve as an instructor at the Richmond Virginia Seminary, Richmond, Virginia. He continues to serve as a mentor for students in the Master and Doctoral programs working on their Thesis/Dissertation at various institutions. He also serves as the Treasurer for the Maryland Citizens Clergy Political Action Committee and the Richmond Virginia Seminary.

Previously he served on the Executive Board of the Virginia Baptist State Convention as the Recording Secretary and with the Progressive National Baptist Convention as the Chairperson for the Property and Finance Committee. As time will allow he continues to serve on various other community boards and committees.

He holds multiple earned and honorary degrees, to include the Doctor of Ministry, which he received from the Virginia University of Lynchburg.

He currently is the Principle Officer/Operator of R. W. Trice Consulting, LLC, a Maryland based business that assist churches and other non-profits with Financial Organization, Trustee training, audit preparation and Payroll Tax filings, as well as other I.R.S. Tax Compliance assistance and bookkeeping needs. He is presently in the process of writing his first book, Church Counting – Beyond the Offering Plate.

In April 2016, Dr. Trice was proud to license to the Gospel Ministry, his beloved wife of over 25 years, Minister Kim Trice. Dr. Trice is grateful to be just another vessel working for the advancement and the preparation of that Eternal Kingdom which is to come.