Greetings Fellow Abyssinians:
We are all concerned about the current health conditions of our world and community neighbors. This Coronavirus must be taken seriously, although without fear, because of the God we serve. He is able to protect and sustain us even through this times.
As your Pastor, I am genuinely concerned about each of you. I therefore, encourage you to take every precaution for yourself and your family. We are provided with useful information from the CDC and other governmental official that we should not take lightly.
A protective measure we are taking is to limit church acitivities. There will be no activities at the church Monday - Saturday. This is effective until April 4, 2020 at which time we will reassess matters. At this time even our Sunday morning worship has been suspended until restrictions hae been lifted. 
Please check on one another during this time. Sometimes a familiar and kind voice can be an encouragement to someone's day.
Spoken with Love
Pastor Trice