July 24, 2020
Regardless of our circumstances, God is still blessing each of us
I want to humbly thank all who have been mailing in, dropping off or using the electronic methods of giving. You have been keeping our church afloat during this season of separation. Still, as the Abyssinia Family, we need all of our family members to join with us in this effort. This will keep Abyssinia alive in a season when churches are permanently closing their doors, enabling us to meet our ongoing obligations. So I ask that you submit your tithes and offerings just as though we were gathering on Sunday mornings. This is a season of spiritual challenge. Let us honor God who is sustaining us by supporting His House and the ministry He has entrusted us with.
We are approaching our 5th month of social separation. Who would have thought that a virus such as Coronavirus would have impacted our lives in the manner that it has? Personally, I'm still trying to identify what this "new normal" will eventually look like. One thing is for certain, our lives have been altered for the unforeseeable future.
I am happy to write that though our family and/or friends circle has suffered loss, yet God has graciously, kept us in reasonable health and COVID-free. However, that does not mean we can or should let our safe practices (social distancing, mask wearing, sanitizing and the frequent washing our hands) be considered no longer necessary. Doing so, our health and safety may be grossly jeopardized.You've been careful, let's keep it up.
We have convened a Re-entry Committee, who are beginning to dialogue and organize our re-entry back into our church facility. The date when that is going to happen is still unknown, regardless of what we hear our local, state and federal officials indicate. We have all heard of the periods of decline and then a relaxing of restictions only to lead to a spike in virus infections. You are aware BLM (Black Lives Matter), well I also want you to know ALM (Abyssinians Lives Matter), therefore, I along with our church leadership, are careful and concerned about your lives and are not rushing to place anyone potentially in harm's way. Advanced notice will be given once a date is determined. We are getting the supplies need for the church as well.
This Fall will be a challenging season. Even now I am in prayer for those school systems and parents contemplating over what the Fall Semester will be.Let me advise you to get a good supply of  sanitizing products before, the rush. Don't hoard, but get the items you need while available, even if they are on back ordered, Availability is going to get worse.
Minister Trice and I miss you all tremedously. We are learning and hearing that this is a season when membership dedication can fall by the way. We are praying for our unity and resolve to be the church God has called us to be especially in this diffcult time. Keep the faith! We can make it trusting in God and relying on one another.
We will be launching some other activities on our website to keep us engaged with one another. So continue to check to see What's New.
Loving and Miss You All,
Pastor Trice